CGW To Represent MagicEzy in Eastern Canada and US Northeast

FibrMagicEzy has appointed a distributor, CGW Associates, to represent the company’s range of do-it-yourself fiberglass repair products throughout the northeastern states of the US and eastern Canada. MagicEzy is headquartered in Kunda Park, Queensland, Australia.

The MagicEzy range allows DIY repairers to fix hairline cracks, chips, holes and other surface damage to their boats. The company’s fibreglass filler technology acts like a marine epoxy, allowing users to fill and bond fibreglass as well as colour it.

MagicEzy’s product line includes: Hairline Fix, a coloured sealant/adhesive used to repair fine stress cracks; 9-Second Chip Fix, a one-part filler that provides repairs to chips, scrapes and gouges; and Mega Fusion, a primer to be applied before the previous two products.