French Catamaran Builder Now Offering Torqeedo

Luxury catamaran manufacturer, Privilege Marine, announced that it now offers hybrid electric propulsion and integrated energy management by Torqeedo.

Torqeedo’s Deep Blue Hybrid offers advanced electric propulsion and integrated energy management for leisure boat and commercial applications. The first Privilege Series 5 Hybrid Catamaran will feature a twin 50 kW inboard system.

“Torqeedo has now lifted hybrid technology to a professional, industrial level by delivering an integrated system from one source,” says Gilles Wagner, CEO of Privilege Marine.

Gilles Wagner, CEO of Privilege Marine, with a couple awaiting delivery of their recently purchased catamaran and Torqeedo's Ulf Kanne.
Gilles Wagner, CEO of Privilege Marine, with a couple awaiting delivery of their recently purchased catamaran and Torqeedo’s Ulf Kanne.

Deep Blue Hybrid provides offers emission-free electric propulsion and houses loads by harvesting renewable energy from solar cells and hydrogeneration.

Torqeedo’s modular combination of standard components can be tailored easily to individual needs. For long-range cruising, a 22 kW HV-DC converter generator is integrated into the system, which offers the same range as a yacht equipped with a combustion engine. It provides enough energy to power the motor and charge the batteries, if needed. As soon as the batteries are fully loaded, the generator turns off to offer quiet electric motoring for several hours per day at moderate cruising speed.

The combination of renewables, generator power and high-capacity BMW ibattery storage are said to allow owners to draw on an abundance of energy. Additionally, air conditioning systems can be operated without having to run a generator at night. A fully charged system reportedly delivers 20 nautical miles of noise-free motoring at five knots speed.

Deep Blue Hybrid’s nine-year battery limited warranty and worldwide service network are also essential advantages for Privilege yachts cruising the world.

“The game-changer for me, looking at an integrated power system, is the hydrogeneration capability,” says Peter Went, a future owner of Le Penseur, the first yacht of the Privilege Series 5 Hybrid Catamaran. The yacht will be launched in early 2018.

Privilege Marine was recently acquired by Aurelius, the parent company of Hanse Yachts. Last autumn, Hanse and Torqeedo announced the Rudder Drive, another innovative propulsion system, which replaces the diesel engine, thruster and saildrive for sailboats up to 40 feet.

Founded in 2005 in Starnberg, Germany, Torqeedo builds environmentally friendly electric and hybrid mobility options for the water. The company manufactures propulsion systems from one to 160hp.