ABYC Releases DVD Electric Certification Course

The American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) announced today that has released the new self-study DVD-based Electrical Certification program for the marine industry’s workforce in partnership with Ken Cook Co., an ISO-certified provider of technical publications.

The new distance learning course is intended to substantially reduce the cost for marine technicians to become ABYC-certified. As a launch incentive, ABYC is offering a three-month introductory purchase fee of $400 for the CD Electrical Certification Course, a discount of approximately $250 over and above the elimination of travel, lodging and meal expenses incurred by staff attending an on-site class (the final testing fee of $225 remains unchanged).

According to ABYC, the course was designed for the marine employee with at least three years experience working with marine electricity. Although it is an intense academic course, the material presented is a necessity for the safety of the boating public and for marine businesses to mitigate the risks of electrocution, fire, personal injury and possible death aboard boats and on docks.

ABYC President Skip Burdon says the self-study course makes economic sense for service technicians, boatyards, manufacturers and dealerships in remote locations. “Any company selling boats to the North American market needs to have an experience technical employee take this course,” says Burdon. “By learning and studying at their own pace at work or at home, the workforce can now immediately apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills with hands-on-experience as they prepare for the certification exam.”

Students receive the DVD, instructions, and a comprehensive graphics-rich and easy to understand study guide. It is recommended that a student dedicate approximately 60 hours to the course in order to successfully meet certification testing requirements. Proctored certification will be made available on a world-wide basis through the coordination with assigned ABYC members.

Ken Cook, President and owner of Ken Cook Company said “we are proud to have partnered with ABYC to make this product a reality. This DVD-based distance learning program offers complete flexibility in scheduling and, I believe will allow users to review and retain material that can be immediately applied in the workplace as they continue their course of study.”

Ed Sherman, ABYC’s senior instructor with more than 30 years of diverse marine and academic experience who is the course moderator and developer stated “this self-paced, interactive course is also an ideal learning vehicle for international companies who are producing boats and electrical products intended for the North American market.”

To order the DVD contact Cris Gardner at ABYC by email at  cgardner@abycinc.org or by telephone at (410) 990-4460. It will also available for purchase on the ABYC Ship’s Store starting July 15, 2011 through October 15, 2011. Standard shipping and handling fees apply.

As previously reported by Boating Business, ABYC  unveiled its Electrical Certification program on CD, this February, also produced in partnership with Ken Cook Co.