AMTA Appoints New Executive Director

Hannah Munday has recently been appointed to executive director of the Atlantic Marine Trades Association (AMTA).

Munday, a resident of Hatchet Lake, NS, was previously the executive assistant of the Nova Scotia Boatbuilders Association (NSBA) since 2000 and officially appointed to executive director of the AMTA July 1.

“It's very exciting as positions like this don't come up very often,” said Munday.
“This is a very interesting challenge from a professional standpoint and the time came to move on to the next level. I put in my proposal and application to the AMTA and they were satisfied with what I wanted to try. I feel confident that I can handle it.”    

With nearly ten years of experience in the marine industry on the East Coast, increasing the association's membership is just one of the positive mandates on Munday's agenda. The executive director pointed out that increasing membership interest and determining a new direction for the association are other objectives to address.

“I would like to expand membership,” said Munday. “We do represent all four Atlantic provinces and have approximately 90 members. I would also like to see members take a little more of an active interest in what the association does and try to get the membership more engaged to see what direction they would like to see the organization go as we move forward.”

Concentrating on recreational boating tourism as well as marina development are additional initiatives Munday will be working towards an initiative she feels is essential for the marine industry in the Maritimes. She hopes to move forward with this objective by developing the proper criteria and working with the membership.

“The marine industry is so critical to growing our tourism base. I would like to see more focus on tourism and recreational boating. It's a very profitable niche if you can get a hold of it. I feel with a more cohesive plan for marina development and marketing there is a lot of growth potential. It comes back to the whole idea on member engagement. If we can get everybody focused on improving the marina system, it will make it that much stronger.”

Munday replaces the former executive director Patricia Nelder who recently left the AMTA to pursue other opportunities. Nelder has been at the helm of the association since 1999.