AOC Announces Another Resin Price Increase For Canada and the US

Resin supplier AOC has announced it will increase its prices on all products with shipments on and after April, 11, 2011.

The supply of several raw materials such as propylene glycol, maleic anhydride and epoxy, among others, has been affected by unplanned outages which coupled with improved demand is compounding supply issues and resulting in raw material increases.

The company further notes that geopolitical events in North Africa and the Middle East have impacted its raw material sourcing.

Effective April 11, prices for unsaturated polyester resins gel coats, pigments and additives rise to $0.13 Cdn per kilogram ($0.06 US/lb), while vinyl ester resins will be priced at $0.175 Cdn per kilogram ($0.08 US/lb). Pricing for brominated UPR's and fire-retardant VE's will increase to $0.265 Cdn per kilogram, or $0.12 US/lb.