August Campion Dealer Meeting to Feature 2010 Models and Strategies

Campion Marine Inc., Kelowna, BC, will be holding its annual dealer conference August 30 to 31 at the Delta Grand Okanagan Resort, Kelowna BC.

In addition to showcasing its 2010 model year boats that will be available for testing, including models from its Svfara, Chase, Explorer and Allante lines, the company will be relaying up-to-date information on new product as well as developments within the company and the industry.

“We'll have the boats in the water at the lagoon. The dealers will be able to see the 2010 product that feature new colours and the new additions we've added including a sun pad on the 645 Allante and 650 Chase models,” said Brock Elliott, Campion's general manager. “We're going to talk quite a bit about what's happening in the industry and try to work with the dealers to help them through the challenging times by identifying some best practices. We have much to share with our dealers and prospective new dealers. Also, we'll certainly be doing factory tours with our new dealers.”

Elliott reported that Campion's international dealer base has grown from 25 to 35 countries over the past 10 years. Elliott also mentioned that the company has added 10 new dealers overseas in the just the past year.

“One of the reasons we're really focused on having a dealer meeting is because we have so many new dealers,” explained Elliott. “It is time to bring everyone together and get prepared for a turn around in our industry. Most of our new dealers overseas have never been to our factory or Canada for that matter. In Canada we've added a number of dealers, but some haven't been here for a dealer meeting before. This will be a great opportunity for them to attend with product in the water to test.”  

Elliott also said that Campion is eager for its international dealers to meet its new source for floor plan financing, whom he did not wish to disclose the identity of until the dealer meeting.

“There's a great challenge in the industry with floor planning and GE being the only player. We have a new source of financing for export. This lender cannot do domestic financing, but they can do export financing to the US or to other countries around the world. They'll be there to meet the dealers. We currently use them as a lender for us in the Australian/New Zealand market and have a 10-year relationship with them. They have offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary, and they are Canadian owned.”