BC MP Mentions NMMA Canada in House of Commons During Trade Barriers Discussion

National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) Canada reports that on May 23, Dan Albas, Member of Parliament (MP) for Okanagan-Coquihalla, BC made reference to his meetings with members of NMMA in the House of Commons during a debate on Bill S-12.

In his remarks, Albas cites concerns raised by members of NMMA Canada in 2012 as evidence for the need to improve trade for Canadian industries.

This year, NMMA Canada held its annual meetings with MPs and policy makers in Ottawa on May 1.
Bill S-12 is an Act to amend the Statutory Instruments Act and to make consequential amendments to the Statutory Instruments Regulations. It deals with regulatory drafting technique "incorporation by reference' for technical legislation and regulation.

According to Albas, the Bill enables regulations to incorporate external material without having to duplicate that material. In the debate, Albas references the meetings with NMMA Canada members who raised concerns over undesirable barriers to trade.  "Incorporation by reference has become an essential tool and is increasingly relied upon by governments to more efficiently develop their regulations,' said Albas. "This approach also helps to standardize regulation in a universally understood language. That is of benefit to all.

"Last year, I was visited by representatives of the National Marine Manufacturers Association. One of the challenges expressed by the Canadian marine manufacturing industry is the difficulty they have in meeting different regulations in different markets that they need to access. As members have heard before, I have said anything we can do to help Canadian industry access these markets, whether that means increased intergovernmental co-operation or collaboration, is a good thing and something I believe we should look at and support.
"By incorporating the legislation of other jurisdictions with whom harmonization is desirable or by incorporating standards developed and respected internationally, regulations can minimize duplication and avoid repetition of the same material. It can avoid the need to reinvent the regulatory wheel, so to speak. Incorporation by reference can minimize and even avoid undesirable barriers to trade, an issue that, as I pointed out earlier, has been identified by the Canadian National Marine Manufacturers Association.'
The full debate is available on the Government of Canada website here.

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