BCMTA Launches Boating Week Initiative

The British Columbia Marine Trades Association (BCMTA) has announced a number of new initiatives to mitigate the cancellation of the 2010 Vancouver International Boat Show, including the launch of a new Boating Week BC campaign.

Boating Week BC, scheduled to run from April 12 to 18 inclusive, will kick off with a number of marine events such as demo boat rides, special promotions, exhibits and displays held in communities throughout British Columbia, including Vancouver/Granville Island, Richmond, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Harrison Lake, Victoria, Nanaimo, Campbell River and Kelowna. The goal will be to create excitement for the upcoming boating season through a variety of local initiatives supported by supplemental print, radio and online advertising, co-operative events, special media and public relations initiatives, and a dedicated Boating Week BC website.

The BCMTA Boating Week Committee, including representatives from BCMTA, the Vancouver International Boat Show, and a number of manufacturers, distributors and dealers, will assist companies who wish to organize their own event by providing templates for advertising, posters and ideas for event features.

“We're obviously very excited about this new initiative,” says BCMTA Marketing, Events and Promotions Manager, Wayne Yamauchi. “With the cancellation of the 2010 Vancouver Boat Show, the BCMTA board basically said, okay we don't have a show, so what are we going to do for our members and for the industry? And this is what the group decided on. The vision is to develop these programs and continue them beyond this year. With the Vancouver International Boat Show in February, Boating Week BC running in April, and additional local initiatives we feel we can generate even stronger interest in boating as we move forward.”

BCMTA will promote Boating Week BC in its 600 square-foot Discover Boating display, which appears as part of the 'Vacation Highway' feature at the 2010 Vancouver Auto Show, held March 30 to April 4 at BC Place. “This was a unique opportunity that came about as a result of space becoming available due to the disappearance of auto brands like SAAB and Saturn,” says Yamauchi. “So we have a 30-by-20 booth space in the concourse level, which should allow us to promote boating to a new audience. The timing couldn't be better, as it's right before we kick off Boating Week.”

Dale Miller, Executive Director for the Lifesaving Society, notes the WaterWise Boat Safety Team will come together a little earlier this year in support of the 400 square-foot Discover Boating display at the BC Boat and Sportsmen's Show, held in Abbotsford from March 5 to 7. “It's an excellent venue for the WaterWise Team to present their boating safety message,” says Miller. “It's also a bit different audience than who we typically see at the Vancouver Boat Show. It's good to change things up now and then.”

The 2010 Vancouver International Boat Show was cancelled in December as a result of scheduling conflicts with the Vancouver Olympics and a roof replacement project at host venue BC Place.