BIE Corp in Talks for Acquisition of Power Boat Manufacturing Company

Bookkeeper International Equities (BIE), Corp., headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, has announced that it is advancing in its talk with "a leading championship and tournament winning power boat manufacturing company.' BIE says the boat builder is a company "known for its world premiere high performance services and sales.'

BIE says its currently still in talks with the potential acquisition, the name of which will remain confidential until it has signed a letter of intent. BIE says the boat builder's facilities include an oversized paint booth, fibreglass repair shop, high performance inboard and outboard engine shop, drive rebuild shop, metal fabrication and repair, and upholstery repair facilities.

BIE added that the company has been a team leader in the marine business for 33 years and has unique experience and know-how. BIE also claims no other boat building company presently has as much comprehensive experience and knowledge of performance and speed as the company it may try to acquire.

“This Potential Acquisition /Partnership represents positive cash flow and positive interest coming into BIE Corp that will reflect immensely for our shareholders,” stated Domino Mocharski, CEO of Bookkeeper International Equities, Corp. “We feel unambiguous about moving forward and effectuating our harangue.”

Bookkeeper International Equities was founded in 2007, and describes itself as a merchant banking and management advisory consulting firm.