Big Boats Highlight 25th Annual Port Credit In-Water Boat Show

Organizers are pleased with the outcome of the recently concluded Port Credit In-Water Boat Show, held at Port Credit Harbour Marina in Mississauga, Ontario in late September. This year's event was highlighted by the display of some of largest and most expensive multi-million dollar yachts ever brought to the show.

That being said, Lori Mason, Director of the Port Credit In-Water Boat Show, says the event features boats for every type of boater. “We had more on-land boats on display this year,” she explains.

The Port Credit In-Water show is unique among marine consumer events, taking place late in the season and featuring a balance of both new and used power and sailboats. Mason says the show, which featured vessels ranging from 19 to 66 feet, attracted visitors from across Ontario as well as a few from the Montreal area.

"This year was our 25th year,' reminisces  Mason. "Over that quarter century I've seen the show weather the good times and the hard times –from more than 80 boats on the docks to just a score or so. This year we had more than 60 in the water. No matter how many boats the brokers bring, sales is the name of the game – and many boats find new owners.'

Mason is pleased with the show's outcome, even though she believes the recreational marine industry is still recovering from the economic downturn in late 2008. "Despite the loss of a major broker from the Port Credit Harbour, there was a healthy offering of boats and a healthy turnout of prospective buyers,' she explains. "Anyone who is serious about buying a boat comes to this show.'

Exhibitors report having some success at the event.

Peter Solty of Solty Yachts reports selling a Carver 325 and just prior to the event as well as receiving had an offer on a Searay 55DA which was on display at the show.

Swans Yachts Sales, headquartered in Pickering, Ontario, sold two Catalina 380s.

Don Hyde Marine of Hagersville, Ontario, brought powerboat models in the 19 to 33-foot range and ended up selling a 2015 Monterey.

New to the industry and at the show, Executive Yacht stole the spotlight by exhibiting an Azimut 55S worth $2.8 million as well as a Marquis 630SY worth $3.8 million. Each vessel was the first of its kind in Canada.

Vessels brought by Anchor Yachts were no slouches either. The company showed its current lineup of Beneteau's, ranging from 33 to 50 feet in length as well as a Lagoon 380 catamaran. Anchor Yachts' Mike Green reports selling two boats, with another lead in the works.

Neptunus Yachts had two boats on display that were more than 50 feet in length, while Lefroy Harbour Resorts in Lefroy, Ontario, exhibited a distinct 27-foot Ranger Tug.

Moving forward, yacht broker, Mike Burns, President of North South Nautical Group in Mississauga, Ontario, would like to see the show grow even larger than what it is now. "Boat shows are important to us,' says Burns. "The big picture is we need to deliver a better boat show every year.'

Burns says he would like to see the layout of the show's on-land displays modified in the future years. "I'd like to see the show create a buzz up by the street to draw people in.'  He added that this year's show traffic near the entrance resulted in one of his on-land boats being sold.