Boaters Line-Up for Discover Boating Hands-On Skills Training (HOST) Sessions

According to the Discover Boating, registration for its Hands-On Skills Training (HOST) sessions reached capacity prior to the program's launch at the opening of the Montreal In-Water Boat Show. Organizers say that prior to opening day there was a wait list of 47 people who wanted to participate. The HOST program officially launched in Canada at the show from September 5 to 7, 2014.

“Whether new or experienced boaters, all participants greatly appreciated the HOST sessions at the Montreal In-Water Boat Show and found the training very useful. Many experienced boaters said that HOST taught them basic skills that they have never learned before,” said Marc Vassilian, Aquanaute Training Centre. “It was a fantastic weekend!”

Organizers say the successful launch of HOST can be attributed to a range of marketing efforts including: public relations, consumer and industry newsletters, promotion through social media channels as well as on, and a cross promotion with the boat show and training partner, the Aquanaute Training Centre.
Discover Boating's HOST program provides both new and experienced boaters the opportunity to get behind the helm and receive on-water training on safe boat handling, helping them to become more confident boaters. Discover Boating believes on-water skills training is one of the most effective ways to lead new people to become safe boaters.

The group also says 80 percent of boaters who have participated in its HOST in the US have continued to take more training to improve their skills and are 41 percent more likely to purchase a boat in the future.

Moving forward, Discover Boating Canada will be seeking to work together with additional partners to offer HOST training at the upcoming Toronto International Boat Show and Vancouver International Boat Show in 2015.

For more information about the training program contact Tracey Hart, Director of Discover Boating Canada at