Boating For The Cure Raises $70,000 to Date – Event Sees Growth

Pride Marine Group's second annual Family Boating Day kicked off on June 26 at Gravenhurst Bay in Ontario and was a resounding success. More than 100 people rallied to support the event's cancer research funding mission, nearly double last year's attendance.

Pride Marine Group, which has five on-water locations in Ontario, announced it met its fundraising target of $70,000 since the event's inception. Family Boating Day is just one of several events organized by Pride Marine Group as part of its Boating For The Cure initiative, which raises funds for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and Prostate Cancer Canada.

In it's first year, Family Boating Day raised $34,000. “Last year both charities called this a homerun event.” says Jeff Barnes, Pride Marine Group's Product Specialist. “They said that nobody does that in a first-year event. For us to double that this year is unheard of.”

Event participants are organized into teams and assigned to a boat. Team members then collect pledges from supporters, with all donated monies raised split evenly between the two cancer research charities unless specified. To add a bit of fun, teams and are encouraged to decorate their boat, dress up, or have some sort of theme. The day starts off at Muskoka Wharf at Gravenhurst Bay, followed by the rally tour across Lake Muskoka, where participants collect treasure maps to guide their journey and tokens that are turned in at the end of the day at an awards ceremony and reception.

As the Boating For The Cure initiative continues to grow, Pride Marine Group says it's planning on hiring a Director to oversee the company's fundraising efforts, which include about half a dozen different events through the year.

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