Boating Ontario HR Manual Available Online in March

Boating Ontario is offering its members subscription access to an online human resources (HR) manual that goes live in March.

The online manual offers guidance on a broad range of HR topics relevant to marina operators. It contains numerous tips and at least 40 pre-made forms that businesses can format for their own use.

“This is a framework in text form of how to deal with a number of HR issues,” says Warren Howes a consultant of Champion Resources, which was contracted by Boating Ontario to create the HR content for the hardcopy and online manual. “A lot of the marinas are employers who don't have HR specialists. They were continually telling me that they needed training for their staff but didn't have the time to set it up. Also, in the last several years the government has come out with new regulations affecting things such as occupational health and safety.”

Manual topics include legislation updates relevant to human resource issues, record keeping requirements, employee recruitment and performance management, training and development, and compensation and benefits. Subscribers will also find a job board where they can post open positions available at their company and a blog area where they can discuss how to handle issues with fellow marina operators.

Howes provided one hypothetical scenario of how the manual could aid a marina operator.  “If you have an employee that you need to speak to because there's a problem with their work, the manual offers advice on how to approach the situation and avoid areas that could cause you legal grief from a legislation standpoint.”

More than $250,000 was spent on developing the manual, which came from a federal government grant. “It will be an invaluable leading HR tool for all our members, big or small,” says Brian Allen, Boating Ontario's Manager of the HR project. “If a business were to go out and try to do this on their own, they'd spend tens of thousands of dollars. Every marina operator who has seen it has bought it. We've also had a great response within the industry. At the Toronto Boat Show, a couple of other provincial boating organizations looked at it and thought it would be fantastic for their area. They're talking to our consultants.”

Boating Ontario is offering access to the portal for $99, which includes a hard copy of the HR manual. There is an annual $49 renewal fee.