BRP Holding Major Evinrude Milwaukee Club in Late June

BRP, has announced that its planning to hold its next Club Evinrude on June 26, 2016, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. BRP previously launched its E-TEC G2 outboard at a Club in Milwaukee in June of 2014.

"We wowed the Milwaukee crowd at our last Club in 2014 when we unveiled a new era of outboard engine technology, Evinrude E-TEC G2,' says Chris Berg, Global Director of Marketing and Strategic Planning for Evinrude. "In a similar fashion, we plan another announcement at this year's Club that promises to send even more waves through the marine industry. All BRP Club events mark pivotal points in the history of all the industries that we call home. Club Evinrude will be no exception and we look forward to hosting dealers, boat builders, media and consumers from around the globe to share this special moment.'

In January, Berg provided a few hints about Evinrude's plans for 2016. In the January/February 2016 issue of Boating Business (page 9), he said BRP “started at the top end with the G2…We can go up or down, but if you connect the dots and consider the larger part of the market, it's in the lower horsepower market.”

Dealers of BRP product will be able to attend informative seminars designed to provide them sales and product training to help maximize their profit opportunities BRP's various brands.

Throughout the Club event, attendees will be able to meet the BRP and Marine Propulsion Systems (MPS) management team and gain a clearer understanding of the direction and future vision the company has for the Evinrude brand.

BRP's current Evinrude engine line up includes models from 3.5hp to 300hp.