BRP Kicks off 'Most Important' Dealer Event in its History

On Sunday, dealers of BRP brands from 80 different countries, including Canada, began arriving in Montreal, QC for the largest dealer meeting and product presentation in the organization’s history.

By the end of the week, event organizers anticipate that approximately 10,000 dealers, media personnel, and company employees and their families will have attended the gathering labeled ‘Club BRP’. Pierre Pichette, BRP's Vice President of Communications has called the event the most important event in BRP's history.

“Right now we see a lot of momentum in almost all of our product lines, and although we’re in a slow economic recovery, we’re saying ‘lets bring all of our dealers together to show our growth, passion and history of our company,’” describes Yves Leduc, Vice-President and General Manager of BRP’s North America Division. “We want to make an emotional spark in our dealers to get ready for our future growth. We need to make sure we maximize the potential that’s locked in our product lines right now.”

BRP President and CEO, José Boisjoli elaborated on that thought during Club BRP's opening presentation in front of an audience of thousands of dealers at the Palais des congrés on Sunday.  The evening's entertainment included a rock band, dance performances, fire breathers and video presentations. “We want to explain who we are and explain how we do things – our philosophy and our vision,” he said. “We want to show dealers that BRP has put in place the right conditions for them to do more business with us.”

One issue BRP hopes to address through the event is helping its various dealers of different product types to better understand all the different brands it produces. BRP’s brands currently include Sea-Doo, Evinrude, Rotax, Lynx, Ski-Doo and Can-Am.

“A lot of the dealers here have never visited our headquarters in Valcourt (Quebec) and I wouldn’t assume all of our dealers around the world or even in North America know us that well,” continues Leduc. “So there’s an opportunity here to bring them onside. I’m hoping a lot of the dealers here really commit to BRP. A lot of them are multi-line dealers and we hope they may make more room for our lines.”

Leduc also hopes the impression BRP makes at the event will help it if its dealers need to scale back the number of brands they carry. “There may be dealers asking themselves ‘should I be dealing with five manufacturers or am I better with three?’” he explains. “We want to make sure that when they make that decision, that we’re in the top two. I think by holding this event we put the chances on our side.”

BRP is announcing numerous new and updated products for several of its brands for its 2012 model year and has set up a large waterfront demo site near LaSalle, QC called 'the Ultimate Playground' where they can be tested. The organization has also planned a tour of its Valcourt-based Centre Design and Innovation Laurent Beaudoin. Boating Business will be reporting from the event throughout the week.