BRP Releases 2011 Sea-Doo Wakeskate Instructional Videos

Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) is releasing it latest series of 'Doo It' wakeskate instruction videos. The videos feature professional riders explaining how they do their tricks on BRP's Sea-Doo brand of personal watercraft. This year's riders demonstrate their tricks on Sea-Doo's Wake 155 and Wake Pro 215 models.

“The end of each video links to one of the unique technologies or features of the Sea-Doo product that helps the rider perform that trick,” says Tim McKercher, General Manager of Watertop Unlimited, a Florida-based marketing communications agency that works with Sea-Doo. “It connects these top athletes with the actual product. People that watch these videos want to get more information on the product.”

For the past three years, Sea-Doo has partnered with the Nike 6.0 wakeskate team to produce the videos, which are posted to the Sea-Doo, YouTube and Facebook websites. The Nike 6.0 wakeskate team is comprised of well-known professional riders within the sport, including Nick Taylor, Ben Horan and Andrew Pastura. McKercher says the videos receive a lot of traffic online. He reports that one instructional video posted in 2009 has received more than 35,000 hits.

BRP plans to release up to seven wakeskate instructional videos on in the WAKE section as well as on and

The first two videos released for 2011: