Brunswick Discontinues Maxum

Brunswick Corporation has notified its dealers that it will be discontinuing production of its Maxum boat line. According to the company, the decision stems from its efforts to emerge from the economic downturn as a stronger organization.

“It was a difficult, but necessary decision, driven and based on economics,” wrote Betsy Lazzara, vice president and brand manager for Maxum Boats, in an email to Boating Business. “Maxum will sell boats currently in inventory and will not have production for the 2010 model year.”

Lazzara reassured dealers that Brunswick will be honouring warranties and that support for the Maxum products will continue throughout their warranty period.

“There will be no change to the type of level of warranty service, parts and support provided to the Maxum dealers at this time,” wrote Lazzara. “We are offering the dealers an opportunity to continue with the significant retail and wholesale incentives that have been in place during this selling season to support the dealers' retail efforts. We also intend to support our Maxum consumers.”

According to Lazzara, dealers of the brand will be provided an opportunity to participate in an extended support program, intended to help dealers wind down their Maxum business over the coming months.

Jeff Wilcox, owner of George's Marine & Sports in Eganville and Ottawa, ON has carried Maxum boats since 2004. Wilcox elaborated what the extended support program would entail.

“Basically it means the current rebate programs we have now will remain in effect and there will be support as far as warranties are concerned,” explained Wilcox. “We're also a Bayliner dealer, so we are not without a boat line. Our concern right now is to sell the Maxum models we have. The letter we received from Maxum will help reassure consumers so we can move our remaining inventory. One hill to overcome will be that consumers may have concerns about the line being discontinued. We'll be reminding them that only the Maxum name has disappeared, the manufacturer is still there and therefore the warranty is still there.”

Wilcox hopes that the discontinuation of the Maxum brand will mean that Brunswick will be able to devote additional funds to the marketing of its other boat brands such as Bayliner.