C.C. Marine Trade Show's New Venue Pays Off Despite Sandy

Organizers of the annual C.C. Marine Trade Show, held in late October, were very pleased with dealer turnout and vendor support at this year's event despite the interruption caused by Hurricane Sandy. This year the distributor's show was moved to Scotiabank Convention Centre in Niagara Falls, Ontario, making travel for its US-based vendors more convenient.

According to Bruce Hamer, C.C. Marine's Show Manager, attendance was up. Hamer reports that approximately 400 people representing 183 dealerships attended the show, which featured 125 of C.C. Marine's vendors.

"We're really pleased,' says Hamer. "The new venue is really fantastic and we've had nothing but rave reviews. Also, every room for our guests at the Niagara Falls Marriott overlooked the falls. So I think we hit it right on. Most of our vendors are American, so they were able to fly into Buffalo Airport, rent a car and pop across the border. That was very convenient for them because in most cases flying into Toronto is more expensive than flying within the continental United States. The economy is still tight in the US but we know the reduced costs of traveling to our new venue helped us bring in excellent vendor support.'

Although pleased with the turn out and support, the event was still affected by the hurricane that was hitting the Northeastern United States during the show's final day. "Sandy impacted us on Monday,' says Hamer. "A few people didn't turn up that we knew were planning to come. Some were intimidated by the prospect of getting trapped by the storm. Some dealers that did come left early because the weather was so miserable. A couple of our vendors who live in the eastern US left early Sunday night to get home to their families.'

In recent years, C.C. Marine has held the show in partnership with CMC Electronics. This year, however, CC Marine held the show by itself. "From the beginning we've always had other partners at our show,' explains Hamer. "This was the first year on our own. Our attendance was slightly up despite the fact that some dealers attended our previous shows specifically for CMC Electronics. We got a bump in attendance and we did it on our own, so we are pretty thrilled.'

Next year's C.C. Marine Trade Show returns to Scotiabank Convention Centre in Niagara Falls, Ontario from October 27 to 28 inclusive.