Campion Enters Into Partnership To Build Fibreglass Pontoon Boats

Campion Marine, Kelowna, BC, has announced that it will be building fibreglass pontoons starting sometime next year. Campion has entered into a licensing agreement with Biltmore Marine Industries to initially produce a 22-foot model designated a Biltmore Fibertoon.

"Many will initially ask 'what is a Fibertoon?'' says Brock Elliott, President of Campion Marine. "The Campion built Biltmore is a pontoon boat like no other our industry has ever seen or experienced. The patent protected boat, with its tri-pontoon hull, is produced entirely of composite materials including the side walls, helm, seating bases and so much more than ever offered before. Once these Fibertoon boats enter the market, get into dealerships and boat shows throughout the world, we are most confident the boating consumer is going to respond with great delight.'

Anthony Kalil, designer of the Biltmore Fibertoon, has 18 years of design experience in the marine industry. According to Campion, he holds several utility patents in the marine industry for safety, performance and production efficiency. He is said to have created several genres of boats, including day boats, crossover deck boats and the Azure line of sport boats.

"The advancement of composite construction has finally reached the point where costs, performance, styling, maintenance and function are more advantageous than aluminum,' claims Kalil. "We believe that the design of this pontoon boat will rock the fastest growing and strongest segment of the boating industry in North America, and create a new genre of boat for the boating consumer.'

The partnership between Campion and Biltmore Marine Industries to introduce the Fibertoon line has in development for the past year. Campion Marine plans to go into full development and production of the Biltmore Fibertoon in 2013, utilizing its award-winning green technology and procedures.