Campion Marine To Build First Bio-Resin, Bio-Diesel Boat

Campion Marine, Kelowna, BC, broke new ground at  the Toronto International Boat Show last week with the sale of its first bio-resin, bio-diesel-powered boat.

Campion General Manger Brock Elliott announced “we have just contracted the first-ever Envirez boat to be run on bio-diesel. The Campion Allante 645i bowrider will be powered by new Volvo Penta D3 200 horsepower engine, and will be built using resin from renewable resources.”

The boat was purchased by Mr. Mark Hayhoe on the heels of Campion's announcement at the start of the Toronto International Boat Show that the company will build all its boats going forward using Ashland's environmentally-friendly Envirez product (see

“I have wanted an ecologically-friendly boat for some time, but the right combination has not been available until now,” says Hayhoe. “I have spent a lot of summers on the Muskoka lakes and I am impressed with Campion's vision towards a more ecologically responsible boating experience. This will be an exciting project and I look forward to picking up my Campion bio-boat and getting out on Lake Muskoka.”

Gary Campbell, of Gravenhurst, Ontario-based dealership Campbell's Landing, completed the sale on the final weekend of the show.

Brock Elliott announced that Campion will become the first boat builder in the world to manufacture all of its product with Envirez, a renewably-sourced bio-derived resin from Ashland Performance Materials, at the beginning of the Toronto show. Envirez resin is descried as using a substantial amount of soybean oil and corn-derived ethanol in its formulation.

“Ashland's bio-based resin delivers the performance characteristics we want for our boats and it reduces our reliance on petroleum-based counterparts,” says Elliott. “We are putting Envirez resin in all our boats, not only because of its superior performance relating to strength and elongation, but because it's the right thing to do for our world. We have tested the Envirez resin hulls in our Chase 550 and 600 on Lake Okanagan for the past two years, and it has proven itself. We will now use the product to form all of our hulls, liners and decks.”

Elliott notes that Campion's adoption of Envirez resin will eliminate more than 100,000 pounds of carbon monoxide from entering the atmosphere.