Campion Officially Takes Over Direction of Infinyte Marine

Campion Marine in Kelowna, BC, has announced that it has taken over production, marketing and distribution of the Infinyte Marine brand of electric boats. The Infinyte line consists of the 14-foot i4, the 12-foot i3 and the 9-foot i2.

"We are very excited about the Infinyte line as it definitely fits within our green philosophy,' says Brock Elliott, Campion Marine's General Manager.

Campion builds all of its boats with Ashland's Envirez resin, a renewably sourced, bio-derived resin, that uses a substantial amount of soybean oil and corn derived ethanol in its formulation.
All three Infinyte models will be on display at the Toronto Boat Show running January 14 to the 22.

In July 2010, Campion announced that it had begun building Infinyte boats.

Campion Marine has been building sport boats and cruisers for 37 years and manufactures 55 models of boats ranging from 9 to 30 feet in length. Campion markets and sells its boats through its dealer network in over 30 countries.