Campion to Build Infinyte Electric Boats

Campion Marine has announced that it has begun manufacturing for fellow Kelowna BC-based boat brand, Infinyte Marine. The electric-propulsion boat brand will benefit from Campion's green boat building technologies such as the bio-derived Envirez resin.

While improving its vessel's green technology, the change in manufacturing arrangements has other benefits.

“This reduces Infinyte's overhead expenses,” says Peter Wingfield, Designer for Campion. “Adding Infinyte to our manufacturing doesn't cost us that much more. It doesn't hurt for us to produce other boats. There are companies out there that need product built and we can do that for them. We produce our own boats as well as any other ones we can too. We're diversifying and picking up any business that we can.”

While the electric boats will continue to be built to Infinyte's specifications, the addition of the Campion's Envirez resin has improved the electric boat's environmental profile. “Infinyte's green boat just became a bit greener,” says Wingfield.

That's exactly what Infinyte's President, Shane Green, was seeking to do through the partnership. “Campion Marine's green philosophy and environmental stewardship is what initially attracted us,” he explained. “Add to that a glowing reputation for top quality and a dedicated and highly talented staff, and it became a perfect fit for Infinyte.”

While there are no immediate plans, Wingfield says that Campion is intrigued by the environmental benefits offered by electric propulsion, and may one day incorporate the technology into a Campion model – one that wouldn't conflict with Infinyte's models.

Infinyte's line currently includes three models, the nine-foot I2, 12-foot I3 and 14-foot I4.