Campion Wins Green Award Second Year In a Row

For the second year in a row, Campion Marine is the recipient of a Green Business Award through the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce. The award recognizes environmentally sustainable practices.

“It is fantastic that our goal to become the Green Boat builder is being recognized, and it is definitely an honour to receive this award two years in a row,” states Brock Elliott, General Manager for Campion Marine. “We are continuously motivated to search out the best products and practices to improve our boats, for the environment and the boater.”

Campion manufactures all of its boats using a renewably sourced bio-derived Envirez resin, which uses a substantial amount of soybean oil and corn derived ethanol in its formulation. This has enabled Campion to eliminate more than 100,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere.

Campion also uses Ecomate polyurethane flotation foam products to further reduce harmful emissions. Unlike foams it used previously, Ecomate is said to be free of Volatile Organic Compounds.

Last year, Campion took on Acrastrip CRR, an acetone replacement that is recognized by the Design for the Environment division of the US EPA.

Campion is also now using Maxguard LE (low emissions) gel coat and will shortly be using a revised version of ATC Spraycore, which will now be using Envirez resin for its base.