Canada Metal (Pacific) Honoured Among Top BC-based Innovators

Canada Metal (Pacific) Ltd., Delta, BC, has been recognized by BCBusiness magazine as one of the top 20 leading innovators in the province for 2012.

Making number 18 on the list, Canada Metal (Pacific) Ltd.'s was selected because of its cadmium-free Martyr II Aluminum anodes, which corrode without releasing toxic chemicals.

“What truly sets our list of Innovators apart is not simply having one brilliant idea,' Peter Legge, CEO of Canada Wide Media – publisher of the magazine. "A company must also be able to take that raw idea, put it to work and make it pay off.”

Jason Mitchell, Canada Metal (Pacific) Ltd. international/Canadian Account Manager, acknowledges that Canada Metal (Pacific) Ltd. didn't invent the aluminum alloy anode. However, he says his company “is the first to successfully commercialize and mass produce a high-quality version.”

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