Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary Suspended From Issuing PCOC Cards

The Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary is listed on Transport Canada's website as “suspended” from offering Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) boating safety courses, administering accredited boating safety tests or issuing PCOC cards.

The agency appears as one of 13 PCOC course providers specifically identified as being “suspended and are NOT permitted to offer the approved boating safety course, administer accredited boating safety tests, or issue Pleasure Craft Operator Cards” on the Accredited Course Providers page of Transport Canada's website.

“This was done at our request,” explains Ted Smith, National President, Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary. “None of the five regions presently offer the course to the general public.”  He adds that the Coast Guard Auxiliary's Pacific Region plans to begin offering a PCOC program in future.

Perhaps, but the appearance of the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary on such a list represents miserable optics.

In recent months Transport Canada has begun monitoring Pleasure Craft Operator Card course providers more closely, amid reports of irregularities and inconsistent testing standards. About 60 private sector course providers across Canada are accredited to deliver the PCOC boating safety courses and tests and issue Operator Cards.