Canadian G3 Dealers Gather For Dealer Meeting

More than two dozen Canadian G3 boat dealers attended a special dealer meeting and open house held at the company's corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility in Lebanon, MO.

“It was an incredible experience for our dealers,” says Yamaha Motor Canada's National Sales Manager, Marine, Rick Layzell. “By allowing our dealers to see how the product is made, it will only increase their confidence in the product and benefit their ability on the sales floor. We started our relationship with G3 because we knew they carried Yamaha's QDR commitment (quality, durability and reliability), and that was well reflected in their factory and boat construction.”

A total of 27 Canadian dealerships were represented at the event, which featured no less than 90 different G3 models on display. This included new boats in the popular Family Value line (now called the LV Series), as well as some new models in the LX Series, featuring expanded seating options. New graphics packages, including schemes colour-matched with Yamaha's SHO outboard series, were also shown.

“There was a lot of information to try and digest, but I think the dealers all found it very rewarding,” said Al Gallagher, Area Sales Manager, Boats, for Yamaha Motor Canada. “They had the opportunity to learn a lot more about the product from being able to examine it first-hand, as well as take a tour of the actual plant so they could gain a better understanding of G3's construction quality. There's so much below the surface that you can't really see, so it was a great opportunity for them to learn how the boats are put together.”

Yamaha Motor Canada's Marketing Manager, Tim Kennedy, adds that the value of attending dealer conferences remains long after the event winds down. “It's an ideal way to share the company's values and long-term vision, so the dealers can really understand where things are heading in the future,” says Kennedy. “But beyond that, it's also a wonderful networking opportunity. It's a chance for our dealers to talk to one another and see how they're doing things. By being able to share ideas with non-competitive peers located in entirely different geographical markets, the dealers can come away with some great ideas that help improve sales and profitability.”