Canadian Government Investing $1.8 Million to Improve PEI's Tignish Harbour

A major harbour infrastructure project will be carried out over the next two years at Tignish Harbour, Prince Edward Island.

Gail Shea, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, Regional Minister for PEI and MP for Egmont, announced that the Government of Canada has awarded a $1.8 million contract through a public tendering process to Gaudette's Transit Mix Ltd.

“I am proud to work with the Harbour Authority of Jude's Point/Tignish to improve the facilities that enable fishermen to safely and profitably do their work,' says Shea. "Tignish harbour is vital to PEI's fishing industry. This investment will help improve our local economy and foster job creation, for the hard-working folks of Tignish.”

The work will serve to provide safer vessels berths following reconstruction of two walls at the Tignish boat pen; the prevention of erosion, improvement of water flow and reduction of sediment deposits in the access channel through the installation of shore protection on the northern boundary of the channel; and the provision of additional berths as a result of extending the wharf at the southern boat pen.

The planned work follows recommendations from a coastal study and structural assessments, which examined various technical solutions to address safety and operational needs of harbour users at Tignish and Judes Point.

Tignish and Judes Point are strategically located within an area having one of the highest concentrations of fishing vessels in PEI. There are approximately 161 home fleet vessels and 819 fish harvesters using the facilities at both Tignish and Judes Point. The primary fisheries are lobster, herring, snow crab, mackerel, oysters and tuna. Landings in 2010 represented an estimated value over $15.2M. In the last five fiscal years, $1.6M has been invested at this harbour, which includes $694K for the reconstruction of wharves and $389K for the reconstruction of a boat pen.

The project is being funded from Canada's Economic Action Plan 2014 which provided an additional investment of $40 million over two years for repair, construction and maintenance projects at Canada's small craft harbours. New investments in infrastructure were recently announced by Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, under the New Building Canada Plan, which includes an additional $288 million for small craft harbours across Canada over the next two years.

Small craft harbours support nearly 90 percent of all fishing landings in Canada. In 2012, the landed value of Prince Edward Island fisheries was over $143 million.