Candock Launches Website in Chinese

Sherbrooke, QC-based Candock has launched a Chinese-language version of its product website. 

"We launched the website in an effort to answer the increasing needs of our Asian clientele, who seek products of superior quality for the same reason our European and American clients do,' says Business Development Manager, Eric La Violette. "We want to offer clients from the east the opportunity to know our products and why they should consider us first, before local product imitations.'

La Violette says that while Candock has faced increased competition from Chinese-manufactured docks, his company is looking to build business in east Asia. "The whole plastic dock industry is affected by Asian manufactures who use cheap materials to produce similar-looking floating docks. These products do not have any warranty whatsoever, change color quickly and break in less than a year in some cases,' says La Violette. "We want to expand in Asia and attack the manufacturers of copies on their own turf. We will sell direct but with a high-quality product and service. People have more and more money in China, and they want the real thing, not imitations.'

The website is live at