Carver and Marquis Announce President/CEO Change

Irwin L. Jacobs, Chairman and CEO of J & D Acquisitions, announced that Robert VanGrunsven is retiring as President/CEO of the Carver and Marquis Yacht companies, based in Pulaski, Wisconsin.

Rob Parmentier will become the new President/CEO of Carver/Marquis, effective immediately.

“Everyone at Carver Marquis, including myself, are very appreciative for all the years that Bob has been associated with the company and wishes him nothing but success and happiness following his retirement from Carver Marquis,” says Jacobs. "Rob joined the Larson Boat Group (LBG) in September 2013 as President/CEO. In little time, Rob has transformed LBG into a successful, major domestic and international boat manufacturer. Rob will continue to serve LBG as President/CEO.'

Parmentier has been involved in all departments/divisions at Sea Ray throughout his 30-plus years, including becoming the President.