C&C Yachts Reunion Set for April

The Marine Museum of the Great Lakes at Kingston is organizing a C&C Yachts Reunion and Conference at the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club in Hamilton, ON from April 14 to 15.

The Reunion on Saturday will be open to all past C&C Yachts employees, and those dealers, sail makers, and industry people most closely associated with the company from its original founding in 1969.

The Reunion will be followed by a Conference on Sunday, featuring panel discussions by past members of the C&C Design Group, C&C Production, sales and marketing, and a group of yachting industry professionals discussing the legacy of C&C Yachts.

While attendance to the reunion will be restricted to past C&C personnel and associates, attendance to the conference will be open to everyone interested in the history and development of the company. Event attendance will be limited to 225 people.

The conference will be moderated by Maurice Smith, Curator Emeritus of the Museum of the Great Lakes. Maurice is largely responsible for compiling the C&C Collection at the Museum.

The entry fee for the Conference will not only cover the cost of the room, continental breakfast, coffee breaks, and lunch, but also a one year membership to the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes in Kingston. Attendees will be encouraged to make additional donations to go towards preserving, digitally copying, and making available this vast collection of over 25 years of Canadian yachting history and legacy.

For more information or to register contact Doug Cowie, Manager of the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes at manager@marmuseum.ca or C&C Alumnus Rob Mazza at robertlmazza@gmail.com. Updates and registration forms soon to be posted on www.marmuseum.ca