Central Ontario Boat Show Venue to Receive Facelift

The Careport Centre in Hamilton, ON, venue of the Central Ontario Boat Show and Sale, is scheduled to undergo renovations this fall.

On August 24, Gary Goodyear, Minister of State for the Federal Economic Development Agency for southern Ontario, announced that up to $11.5 million dollars will be granted to McMaster University for research and development of green automotive technologies. The university will build the 88,512 square-foot McMaster University Automotive Resource Centre (MARC) at 270 Longwood Road South as well as renovate the Careport Centre, where several of the university’s strategic research initiatives will be housed.

The Careport Centre will benefit from 50 percent more show floor lighting, an improved washroom layout, a new administration office on the show floor and electronic reader boards. The facility will also receive new loading bays with two drive-in doors to the event floor, a paved parking lot, a more energy efficient heating system and additional parking space.

According to Continuum Productions, organizers of the Central Ontario Boat Show and Sale, no disruptions to its line-up of consumer shows are expected as a result of the renovations.

“We are extremely excited to experience the results of the property makeover,” says Dwayne McKillop, President of Continuum Productions Inc. “The new MARC centre will be a great addition to the community and to the McMaster Innovation Park. We feel the upgrades to the property will also increase the great event experiences that we will be able to create as we continue to grow our business.”
Next year’s Central Ontario Boat Show and Sale is scheduled to return to the Careport Centre from February 17 to 20 inclusive.