Centurion Unveils New 22-Foot Boat for 2013 MY

Centurion Boats, Merced, CA, has unveiled its new FX-22 towboat at its recent Centurion Experience Party in Las Vegas, NV.

The FX-22 measures 22 feet, three inches in length and has a 102-inch beam. Centurion has categorized the FX-22 as part of its 2013 model year lineup. The boat features the company's Touch Vision electronic dashboard with LED gauges and a ‘Hammerhead' bow.

"The FX-22 was developed applying methods used by world-class race car manufacturers, then applying them to the challenge of enhancing the Centurion experience so that all families and customers can extract maximum enjoyment,' said Centurion's President, Rick Lee. "We've been working to develop a boat that was not like anything else on the market. We took a lot of inspiration from race car manufacturers and we think that this new boat with the Hammerhead Bow will revolutionize the watersports boat market but we need to be perfectly clear – It's not another pickle fork boat.'

According to the company, the FX-22 can adjust its performance characteristics including ride attitude (bow up or down), left or right lean through ballast adjustments or the use of after planes, and rudder loading or crab from counter weight versus opposite after plane application.

The FX-22 also features a collapsible Aegis tower and hardtop Bimini, which collapses a full seven inches lower than the 2012 model.