CHS and Northport Systems Announce Licensing Agreement

Through a licensing agreement between Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) and software manufacturer Northport Systems Inc., CHS digital charts are being added to the Fugawi X-Traverse online map collection.

The digital charts are to be used for Northport System's iNavX marine software for the Apple iPhone, Fugawi Global Navigator, Fugawi Marine ENC software for PC, GPSNavX and MacENC software for Mac OS X. Users of Fugawi X-Traverse supported software now have subscription-based, fingertip access to nautical navigation charts of Canadian coastlines and waterways.

“The Canadian Hydrographic Service Digital Charts are an exceptional addition to the Fugawi X-Traverse online mapping collection,” said Robin Martel, president of Northport Systems. “Our inclusion of Canadian charts illustrates our commitment to ensuring X-Traverse customers have easy access to an extensive library of up-to-date and inexpensive charting data for their mobile phones and desktops – anywhere, anytime.”

When used with the iNavX App, the charts can be downloaded through the iPhone's Internet connection and saved locally on the phone for use when outside of cell phone or WiFi internet coverage. When using compatible PC or Mac software, the charts can be downloaded directly to the computer for use when an internet connection is not available. The X-Traverse system also allows users to plot waypoints in compatible PC or Mac software and transfer them to iNavX software on the iPhone.

Subscriptions to the digital charts are sold to consumers in single-user licenses and include two activations. One is for a primary system and one is for a backup system. Users may select their primary and secondary systems from any of X-Traverse's compatible applications, including iNavX, Fugawi Global Navigator, Fugawi Marine ENC, GPSNavX and MacENC.

Canadian Hydrographic Service Digital Charts will be available for subscription from X-Traverse before the end of May.