Clean Wake Program to Offer $100 Certificates for Old Outboards

Toronto, Ontario-based, Summerhill Foundation has launched its Clean Wake program, an education and rewards initiative designed to motivate people to replace their older two-stroke outboards with newer and more environmentally friendly models.

The first 50 people to drop off their old non-direct injection two-stroke outboards to Sandy Cove Marine (Innisfil, ON), Paris Marine (Peterborough, ON) or Gordon Bay Marine (MacTier, ON) on September 25 or October 2 will receive a $100 certificate for anything they wish to purchase at the dealership they visited. “We want them to be older technology, such as non-direct injection two-strokes,” describes Iain Duncan, Summerhill Foundation's Clean Wake Program Director.

While Duncan recognizes that the certificate doesn't compensate for the price of a new outboard, he hopes it will provide a little incentive for those already contemplating a new model. “No one's going to say 'now I can go buy that new four stroke',” says Duncan. “So it's implicit in the offer that the person is already considering upgrading their outboard and this is just one more reason.”

The aim of the Clean Wake program is to help raise awareness about the benefits of new engine technologies that can improve the air and water quality impacts of boating. More specifically, the program will target cottagers. “A lot of cottagers are involved in cottage associations and they're interested in the environment and the protection of the lakes in which they recreate,” explains Duncan. “They're likely boating and have a larger disposable income, and are perhaps willing to make a shift from two-stroke to a four-stroke because of environmental concerns they may have already identified. The education piece we do in this program may help them to make that decision.”

That education will include Clean Wake representatives visiting community events from July to September in the Muskoka, Lake Simcoe and the Kawarthas regions to help promote the program. To aid them in doing that, Summerhill has partnered with Boating Ontario's Clean Marine program and the Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Associations.

Boating Ontario has aided Summerhill in contacting marine dealers that would participate in the initiative as well as used their network to help raise awareness about the program. The Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Associations will notify its network of cottagers, which Summerhill says is its target audience.

After the outboards have been dropped off at the dealer locations members of the Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association will pick up them up and take them for recycling.

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