Crest Establishes Dealer Network in Ontario

Crest Marine, Owosso, MI, has established a presence in Canada, signing six dealers in Ontario.

Among Crest's Canadian dealers are Woodlake Marine in Kenora; Trail Side Sports in Espenola; Idylltyme Sports Marine in North Bay; The Cove in MacTier; Huntsville Marine in Huntsville; and Andre Lalonde Service in Wendover.

“We introduced Crest pontoons at the Toronto International Boat Show this year,” says John Moore, Crest's Canadian Sales Representative. “We're experiencing some pretty good success with it already. I think the line can compete anywhere in the country.”

In addition to the Toronto International Boat Show, the Crest brand was present at the Ottawa Boat Show and Cottage Life Show. “I think dealers are going to start to check our website and find that our brand offers a good lineup that will work into their different selling areas. Crest pre-rigs with whatever the dealer wants to sell it with. It's not a one-engine company.”

Moore believes that Crest has the potential to grow its dealer base into other areas of Canada. “I'd like to see the line expand to western and eastern Canada. I've spoken with some dealers in Quebec, Saskatchewan and Alberta and found some interest.”

Crest builds two- and three-log pontoon boats ranging from 18 to 25 feet long.