CSBC and MADD Form Partnership for Safety

The Canadian Safe Boating Council (CSBC) has recently received $50,000 from Mothers Against Drinking and Driving (MADD) after forming a partnership to deliver its Don't Drink and Boat initiative and promote MADD's Call 911 Campaign. The partnership entails $25,000 a year over two years.
“Not drinking and boating” is one of our five key messages in our Safe Boating Awareness campaign,” said Al Will, chair of the CSBC. “The concept was initiated after we thought about the work MADD Canada is doing in regards to not drinking in any vehicle, be it a boat or car, and we talked about how to pool our resources to convey this message. They came onboard quickly, so we have a memorandum of understanding and approval between the CSBC and MADD to carry the message forward.”

Whether on the road or the water, the MADD Call 911 Campaign is a safety initiative to help prevent drinking and driving a motorized vehicle or vessel and asks motorists and boaters to immediately report suspected impaired operators.

“The MADD Campaign Call 911 is the part they have asked the CSBC to promote in particular regarding don't drink and boat. We're conveying the message, “Call 911,” said Will. “If anyone on the water suspects an impaired boater or sees erratic behaviour, they should “Call 911″ and alert the authorities.”