CSBC Now Able to Issue Donation Receipts

The Canadian Safe Boating Council (CSBC) will now be able to issue donation receipts after being approved as an official registered Canadian Charity Organization by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA).

“Effective July 9, 2009, the CSBC achieved charity organization status,” says Irwin Doxy, CSBC Treasurer. “A lot of doors are opening thanks to this. Since we can now give tax receipts, people feel that perhaps they can afford a little more because they're getting some credit on their income tax.”

The CSBC is recognized by the CRA as being an organization that benefits the community by promoting the protection of life, limb and property, and advances boating safety educational information and programming. Receiving that recognition could not have come at a better time according to Doxy.

“It became much more important after Transport Canada changed their rules about giving money through the Boating Safety Class Contribution Program,” explains Doxy. “Now, if they approve your application for funding for a particular program that you've got, they'll give you 75 percent of that, and you need to supply the remaining 25 percent. So we needed to make up that extra amount. We've got to double what we were getting two years ago. On the other hand we're doing a tremendous amount more than we've ever done before.”

This is the CSBC's 20th year of operation, which was established in December of 1989.