CSBC Plans to Launch SmartBoater.ca in May of 2010

The Canadian Safe Boating Council (CSBC) has announced its timeframe for the launch of the SmartBoater.ca website, which is currently under development.

The CSBC has been collecting boating safety information and training materials from boating organizations across North America. Once compiled, the information will be made available on its website in three different portals, providing boating safety practices material for the public, media outlets and those involved in boating safety education.

“We're developing a website to consolidate existing safety messaging materials from all kinds of organizations, and not just here in Canada,” says John Gullick, a past chair of the CSBC and Outreach Manager for the SmartBoater.ca program. “They could be public service announcements, safety messages on CDs or DVDs, posters, flyers, whatever stuff we can get. And as we get it together we're going to divide it into three streams. We'll be offering information to the general boating public, to the media and to boating safety educators. We're reaching out to regional police, Parks Canada, Natural Resources Canada, the Lifesaving Society, Red Cross, CPS, the canoe and kayaking associations, sailing associations, all the Transport Canada offices of boating safety, and all of the of regular players. The material will be free to anyone who wishes to use it. It just can't be used for any commercial purposes.”

Gullick expects the website will be launched sometime around the start of Safe Boating Week next May. A soft launch is expected to happen in early 2010.

For more information visit www.smartboater.ca