CSBC Symposium Highlights Safety Issues

On-water safety issues will take center-stage at the Canadian Safe Boating Council's (CSBC) annual symposium at the Viamede Conference Resort and Spa at Stoney Lake in Woodview, ON,  running from September 24 to 26.

“It's the one time of the year that there's a very complete cross section of associations, media, private industry, training groups, supportive individuals and government on hand to discuss the issue of safe boating in Canada,” describes Rick Cassels, a patron member of the CSBC. “All of them are working towards reducing the number of drowning victims in Canada. The symposium also serves as a good forum for hearing about new projects on boating safety and voicing your opinion. It's very interactive.”

The three-day symposium at the lakeside resort will feature open-forum discussions on safety strategies, methods of preventing impaired boating, encouraging PFD compliance, as well as other pertinent issues in the recreational boating industry. There will also be presentations by Transport Canada, an update on the Aquanaute Boating Safety Initiative, Safe Boating Awareness Week, Cold Water Boot Camp, the CSBC annual general meeting and CSBC recognition awards reception.

CSBC director Ted Rankine will present the Cold Water Boot Camp, part of which includes a video presentation of nine individuals who were immersed in seven-degree water, demonstrating the effects of cold water and importance of wearing a lifejacket. Those who experienced the cold water immersion firsthand all shared the same reaction: if the water is cold, a lifejacket can mean the difference between living and dying.

“We will also be presenting the materials available to boating safety educators from Cold Water Boot Camp to help them in their own work,” said Rankine.

“The CSBC symposium offers a time for industry members to meet in a more intimate and somewhat informal setting to share ideas on safety issues and concerns,” said John Gullick, CSBC's host for the forum discussions. “This way we can promote boating safety as a way of encouraging boaters and potential boaters to explore this active and most enjoyable family lifestyle.”

An agenda of the symposiums program is available on the CSBC website (csbc.ca). Registering for the conference costs $295.