CSBC Symposium to be Held in Whistler, BC

The Canadian Safe Boating Council (CSBC) 2009 Symposium will be held September 19 to September 21, 2009 at the Hilton Hotel in Whistler, BC.

The three-day event has a full agenda starting September 19 with a directors meeting and welcome reception followed by a series of discussions on September 20, which include PFD wear, boating and drinking along with trip plans and educational projects. Other topics such as updates on regional and national safety programs by the Federal government, marine security during the 2010 Olympic Games, world drowning reports and the Smart Boater Program will also be discussed.

“Basically this year's theme will be focused around those pillars of boating safety such as wearing PFDs, Canadian Safe Boating Awareness Week, boating and drinking issues, as well as educational issues,” said Rick Cassels, Chair of the 09″ CSBC Symposium. “A number of years ago, we started an open forum with key topics that we felt we're appropriate for that time and this proved to be very successful. It engaged everybody in the meeting and gave the council excellent feedback on future direction. We have maintained that for this year's Symposium.

Additional presentations include a forum on paddle sports and Western Canadian issues along with a CSBC annual general meeting and board of directors meeting. The event will also highlight the CSBC Recognition Awards Reception, September 21.
“What members will get out of this year's symposium are ideas on issues of safe boating within Canada for the different groups and organizations,” said Cassels. “Members can then take some of the ideas presented and go forward within their own organization. We also try to discuss some current issues and projects that are happening in the local community of where the event is held.”

Cassels also explained that the CSBC Symposium attracts an incredible cross-section of attendees that include various members of the recreational boating industry, non-profit organizations, training institutes, media, government organizations and dedicated individuals all focused on safe recreational boating within Canada. This Symposium will provide effective and beneficial networking opportunities.

For more information visit www.csbc.ca.