Discover Boating: 1.8 million People Directed to Manufacturer Sites

In the fiscal year, from October 2013 to September 2014, Discover Boating reports growing people's awareness in boating in Canada and the US.

Discover Boating attributes the growth to several initiatives including: a new video documentary series, Stories of Discovery; a partnership with country star Jake Owen; social engagement on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest; advertising; and, public relations.

As a result, the campaign is said to have generated 1.2 billion media impressions – a 4 percent increase over 2013 and the ‘positive perception' of boating increased year-over-year. In 2014, 91 percent of people said they felt more positive about boat ownership after seeing the Stories of Discovery video series, a 10 percent increase over last year's campaign (Annual Discover Boating Brand Tracker, 2014).

Discover Boating says its websites attracted 3.4 million visitors this year – a 38 percent jump over 2013.

Since DiscoverBoating websites do not have boat model specs or pricing, so from the site people can take two paths to get to boat dealers and manufacturers:
   1.  Fill out a form to be contacted by participating stakeholders at a later time
   2.  Go directly to a participating manufacturer's website

Around the Internet, people are tightening their privacy habits and looking to reduce the number of emails they receive. As a result, on more people are choosing to visit manufacturer sites. Discover Boating sent 1.8 million people to manufacturer websites to shop in 2014 – an 83 percent increase over 2013.

"When the industry agreed to develop Discover Boating in 2003 it recognized the need for a national marketing campaign to attract new boaters and that they could be far more cost effective utilizing Discover Boating instead of individual companies doing it on their own,' said Carl Blackwell, Discover Boating President. "Seeing our awareness efforts driving more people to our stakeholders' websites is an invigorating reminder of our mission.'

Discover Boating encourages all boat manufacturers to check their website traffic using Google Analytics (or by contacting Discover Boating's Kathy Stensby (U.S.)/Tracey Hart (Canada) to learn more) to see how many people sent to your site.