Discover Boating Launches National Video Campaign Created by Boaters

Discover Boating has released four videos created by winners of its 2009 video contest, i-Discovered Boating, held in the United States. The videos will run on cable television as part of Discover Boating's national awareness campaign.

The videos are designed to communicate why boaters are passionate about the boating lifestyle within 60 seconds. Each of the winners' videos covers a different segment of the boating lifestyle including fishing, power boating/cruising, sailing and watersports.

“Through this campaign we will leverage Discover Boating's extensive social media program to reach a broad base of consumers,” said Carl Blackwell, Chief Marketing Officer for Discover Boating. “Each video is seen through the eyes of an actual boater and illustrates their emotional connection to the boating lifestyle and these videos help us share that message with millions of potential boaters.”

All four videos will appear on the Outdoor Channel as well as,, and

Watch the videos here:

Title: Sophie Discovers Boating
Created by: Andy Anderson – San Diego, CA

Power Boating/Cruising
Title: What Can You Discover When You Discover Boating?
Created by: David Knight – Pittsboro, NC

Title: Day on the Water
Created by: Guy Baker – Portland, OR

Title: Isn't it Time You Discovered Boating?
Created by: Justin Spence – Dallas, TX