Dometic Group Creates New Marine Division

Dometic Group, Pompano Beach, FL, has created a new division, Dometic Marine.  As part of a global reorganization initiative, Dometic Group seeks to improve its position as a supplier of OEM and aftermarket products and services. The reorganization is expected to be finalized by March.  

According to Frank Marciano, Dometic Marine's newly appointed president, Fredrik Möller, Dometic Group's CEO (who was appointed June, 2008 after the retirement of Lars Johansson) decided to reorganize the company by market and region. Marciano says this reorganization took place to better manage Dometic Group's numerous acquisitions and companies around the world.   

“We will be able to respond to needs more efficiently,” explains Doug Curtis, Dometic Marine's director of marketing “Now we have a full product suite to offer the marine division. There are five commercial divisions in the Dometic Group now. There is a Caravan (RV) division as well as Automotive, Marine, Medical and Lodging. There is also an internal global technology division, Leisure Tech, which focuses on innovation, quality and productivity.”

“We're going to focus on growing markets globally and optimize our coverage in specific regions,” said Marciano. “As part of his restructure plan, [Möller] appointed me president of the marine division. I have a great team responsible for marketing all  Dometic products to the marine industry globally.”

Marciano says one of the benefits Dometic Group's customers can expect is an increase in marine products. Dometic products currently sold to only one market will be considered for introduction into other markets where the company has a presence.   

“Over time, Dometic will bring out a broader product line in a more professional fashion to more markets,” said Marciano. “Now, we'll be looking at our products and asking ourselves: Hey, why aren't we selling that everywhere?”

Another benefit Dometic Group's customers can expect is additional training.

“We're going to train more technical sales people, so they can do a better job of supporting all the products,” said Marciano. “Right now, were looking at every region to better understand which sales people are selling to our various markets, what percentage of their time they're spending on marine, and how we can better focus and train them. Currently we're still in the analysis stage.”

“I'm very excited about providing a global focus to Dometic's marine business,” said Marciano. “The market will come back, and when it does, we will be better positioned to help more customers with more products.”