Doral Marine Appoints Dockside Group as its North American Representative

Doral Marine International in Grand-Mere, QC has appointed Ontario-based Dockside Group Ltd. as its North American manufacturer representative. Doral Boats was purchased by Montreal-area businessman Denis Poliseno in June 2010.

“Doral needed a manufacturer's rep to reestablish its dealer network in North America and sell some boats,” says Bob Spencer, Dockside Group Partner. “We'll start contacting prospective dealers in Canada and the US. We're also going to establish some other representatives. We're setting the table for 2012.”

Spencer says Dockside will be seeking to hire Doral regional representatives for the US west coast, US southeast, US Midwest and possibly western Canada. He says Dockside Group's first step with the Doral brand will be creating some dealer friendly incentive programs. “One of the biggest benefits we feel we have going forward is that Denis Poliseno has a lot of dealer experience. He understands the dealers and we can design programs, policies and procedures that we feel they will be very happy with.”

Dockside Group also currently represents Bennington pontoons in eastern Canada, and the Seaswirl, Stratos and Ranger brands for all of Canada. “Doral is a very positive addition to our portfolio,” adds Spencer.