EdgeWater Building Custom Sailboats

Powerboat manufacturer EdgeWater Boats has entered into an agreement with sailboat developer Summit Yachts to build its new Summit 35 Racer/Cruiser sailboat.

“EdgeWater has manufactured many semi-custom recreational and commercial projects since we opened our doors in 1992,” said EdgeWater President, Peter Truslow. “However, this is the first time we have built a completely new design with an outside client.  We are very excited about our collaboration with Summit Yachts. The Summit 35 is a beautiful, efficient design and the type of world-class product we like to build.”

EdgeWater already is in full production on the Summit 35, which is scheduled to make its official debut at the Newport International Boat Show, September 17 to 20, 2009. The Summit 35 Racer/Cruiser is a smaller sister to the King 40 Racer/Cruiser introduced by Summit Yachts in 2008, which was named Sailing World's 2009 Boat of the Year.

The Summit project is one of several new ventures EdgeWater has taken on as it expands beyond its core base of building 14- to 38-foot saltwater fishing and cruising boats.

“The project has helped us to refine our technology. The knowledge we've gained has helped us with development work we are doing for the U.S. Navy, as well as to improve our existing EdgeWater line,” said Truslow. “The Summit 35 and other custom projects have allowed our team to maintain steady production throughout 2009, even with the downturn in the boating industry.”