EMRP and AGI Environmental Amalgamate to form Ground Force Environmental

AGI Environmental, Waterloo, ON, and Environmental Marine and Response Products (EMRP), Brantford, ON have amalgamated to form Ground Force Environmental Inc. (GFEI).

EMRP and AGI Environmental each bring their own area of expertise to the new company, allowing it to offer businesses such as marinas a broader selection of remediation services.

EMRP has a 10-year history of responding to water treatment needs. The company has provided marinas and their staff training in responding to on-water fuel spills as well as distributing a variety spill response products including granular activated carbon, ion exchange media and Mycelx.

AGI Environmental has expertise in soil remediation. It has experience with underground and aboveground storage tank removals at marinas as well as the transport and disposal of impacted soils. The company is a licensed Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) registered contractor and employs certified petroleum equipment mechanics.

The partnership, effective as of June 1, better enables GFEI to specialize in the technology used in the removal of contamination or pollution from soil and water, both as a contractor and supplier. “We've expanded our abilities,” explains John Theurer, a member of GFEI's board of directors. “AGI brings soil remediation to EMRP and EMRP brings water remediation to AGI.”

According to Dave Gray, GFEI's Vice President, it was EMRP's water treatment knowledge, experience and capabilities that made a partnership appealing to AGI Environmental. “We've worked together before and it made sense for us to bring the companies together to make things more cost-effective,” says Gray.

GFEI's head office will be located in Waterloo, ON. The company now has 14 employees as a result of the amalgamation.