Final Call For Public Comment on Victoria International Marina

The Victoria International Marina will run a final round of print advertisements in local print media during the first week of February, requesting public comment on potential navigational impacts associated with the proposed marina. Responses must be submitted directly to Transport Canada by March 7th for consideration.

Due to the change in zoning by the City of Victoria in the fall of 2010, Transport Canada has requested the marina proponent re-submit its application for a navigable waters permit. This was done and a first round of ads for the new, smaller marina ran in December 2010.

The latest advertisements are intended to direct people to more detailed drawings that have been lodged with the Victoria Land Titles office. The request was made in order to address specific concerns that have come up via the last public input process late last year, and improve public understanding and knowledge of the marina. The planned 29-slip marina is expected to provide community facilities such as a new restaurant and coffee shop, and public access to walkways allowing for a public hub and meeting place on the west side of the harbour.

The revised marina drawings include more detailed information on paddling boat clearance and routes at high and low tides around and through the marina. Drawings showing low and high tide marks as they relate to marina wharfs and buildings are also provided. The detailed drawings can be viewed by clicking here and selecting the Image Gallery under the Media Room tab.