Fineline Industries Acquires Ski Supreme Boats

Fineline Industries Inc., Merced, California, builders of Centurion Boats, has announced the acquisition of Ski Supreme Boats. The company says it plans to immediately take on production of all current and new Supreme boat orders.

"Going into the Christmas season, I'm sorting through the Supreme dealers who have and haven't placed orders,' says Bryan Holland, Director of Fineline Industries Worldwide Sales in an interview with Boating Business. "The tow boat business has been growing over the past year. We'll be at the Toronto International Boat Show with both brands. In fact, we just built a Supreme today. We won't miss a beat when it comes to shipping orders.'

Holland says his company decided to pick up the brand so that it would be able to offer a more entry-level tow boat alongside its Centurion brand. "It provides our customers a broader spectrum of price options,' he explains. "If you look at Moomba and Supra, and Malibu and Axis, we're now also able to offer a lower priced boat. Centurion is our premier boat line. Even with the economy the way it is, we're targeting people coming out of a sterndrive boat who don't want to spend $80,000 to $150,000 on a wakeboard boat. With the acquisition of Supreme, we're able to cover a broader range of dollar amounts to reach that more entry-level buyer.'

Holland says Supreme boats will start in around the mid-$50,000 range. For 2013, Fineline Industries will offer Supreme's V208, V232 and V226 models. The company says it will market Supreme boat models separately from Centurion's World Championship Towboats and Commercial Flight Division.

"It is an exciting time of growth for the Fineline family as we welcome Supreme back to the factory floor,' says Les Clark, Vice-President of Manufacturing. "There's a rich heritage of Supreme in this factory. From 1994 until 2009, Fineline Industries manufactured Supreme alongside its Centurion brand in its Merced, California factory.'