FLIR Announces New Raymarine Dragonfly Products at Toronto Boat Show

Special Preview Night at the Toronto International Boat Show provided electronics enthusiasts a treat after FLIR unveiled its newest additions to the Raymarine Dragonfly line. The show kicked off on January 9 and runs through to January 18 at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto.

The electronics manufacturer says that among its newest Dragonfly models is the world's first fishfinder below $250 (CAN) to use wide-spectrum CHIRP sonar technology. The price point is expected to resonate with freshwater boaters in Canada.

"Raymarine is really taking the freshwater market seriously,' says Robert Barkley, General Manager of Esterline CMC Electronics, the Canadian distributor of Raymarine brand. Barkley says Raymarine is making a move to become the number one marine electronics manufacturer in the freshwater market by offering "nice to have' features as "must have features' on its Dragonfly series.

"The first Dragonfly launched in 2013 was a breakthrough that let fisherman see the underwater world with incredible fidelity,' said Grégoire Outters, Vice President and General Manager of FLIR Maritime. "Now with the expanded and more attractively priced Dragonfly range, we are making our high performance CHIRP DownVison sonar technology within reach of every fishermen and boater.'

In total, Raymarine has added seven products to the Dragonfly family, consisting of three 4-series models, three 5-series models and its Wi-Fish sonar. The new Dragonfly range offers anglers advanced CHIRP sonar vision, high resolution colour displays and wireless mobile device integration.

The new Dragonfly range begins with the 4.3-inch Dragonfly 4 DV (offering CHIRP sonar for under $250). The Dragonfly 4 DV and the entire Dragonfly range use wide-spectrum CHIRP DownVision sonar technology to provide anglers photo-like images of fish and underwater objects. Unlike conventional sonars that transmit a single frequency with each pulse, Dragonfly's CHIRP sonar pulses across a wide spectrum of sonar frequencies simultaneously. This wide spectrum pulse produces much higher-resolution and life-like sonar images.

Dragonfly's CHIRP DownVision technology also offers impressive deep water performance to 600ft (180m) as well as high speed bottom tracking. And with its all-weather bright display, the units provide high fidelity images under the bright sun or driving rain.

Anglers looking to step up to enhanced fish identification can choose the 4.3-inch Dragonfly 4 DVS or the five-inch Dragonfly 5 DVS. The "DVS' models feature CHIRP DownVision plus a second conventional CHIRP sonar channel, optimized for locating fish targets.

Moving up from the DVS models are the Dragonfly 4 PRO and Dragonfly 5 PRO. Dragonfly PRO models combine CHIRP DownVision and conventional CHIRP sonar with a fast 10Hz GPS for staying on course and internal Wi-Fi for streaming to mobile devices.

In addition to the Dragonfly 4 and 5 models, Raymarine has introduced its new Wi-Fish sonar for mobile devices. Built on the Dragonfly sonar platform, Wi-Fish is a black box wireless sonar designed to work exclusively with smartphones and tablets, letting fisherman access CHIRP DownVision from anywhere on board. Using Raymarine's Wi-Fish mobile app, fishermen can view, pause, and rewind sonar imagery, making it easy to record their favorite fishing spots and share them with friends online.

Raymarine's new models include:

Dragonfly 4 DV
4.3 inch Sonar with CHIRP DownVision

Dragonfly 4 DVS
4.3 inch Sonar with CHIRP DownVision and Conventional CHIRP Sonar

Dragonfly 4 Pro
4.3 inch Sonar/GPS Combo with CHIRP DownVision, Conventional CHIRP Sonar, and Wi-Fi (with North America Gold Charts)

Dragonfly 5 DVS
5 inch Sonar with CHIRP DownVision and Conventional CHIRP Sonar

Dragonfly 5 M
5 inch GPS Chartplotter

Dragonfly 5 Pro
5 inch Sonar/GPS Combo with CHIRP DownVision, Conventional CHIRP Sonar, and Wi-Fi (with North America Gold Charts)

Wireless Black Box Sonar for mobile device with CHIRP DownVision
Wi-Fish Mobile App
iOS or Android mobile app for streaming sonar from Dragonfly Pro models and the Wi-Fish black box sonar module
GPS equipped Dragonfly modes support Navionics charts, C-MAP by Jeppesen, Fugawi, and Raymarine LightHouse charts. Dragonfly models are also available bundled with C-MAP Essentials or Navionics Gold maps on microSD.

The new range will be available in the first quarter of 2015.

Raymarine is a division of FLIR Systems, a global thermal imaging company. Raymarine develops and manufactures a range of electronic equipment for the recreational boating and light commercial marine markets.