Former Mustang Survival President to Receive BCMTA Lifetime Achievement Award

Dwight Davies, former President of Mustang Survival, has been named the recipient of the BCMTA Lifetime Achievement Award.

"This is the first time the BCMTA has bestowed such an award and there is no doubt this is absolutely the right time and the right person,' said BCMTA President Don Prittie. "Dwight Davies successfully evolved and expanded a local company, fostered a culture of commitment and broke geographic barriers to create a brand that is today synonymous with safety and success.'

Davies took over as President from his father Irv in 1980 and is credited for Mustang Survival's entry into the Ontario market and later breaking into the US market with the first customer being the United States Coast Guard.
When asked for his strategy for success, Davies says it comes down to three key pillars: Commitment, People and Culture. "You have to be persistent and stay the course,' said Davies. "You also have to have the courage to recognize failure, act fast to get rid of it and start again. It is my experience that if you stay focused and surround yourself with good people you will foster a well-defined culture.'
Davies will receive his Lifetime Achievement Award at the BC Marine Industry Conference dinner November 28th.
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